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DJ Slipmats is our specialty. We Sell custom turntable slipmats. for Vinyl mix Hip Hop artist, Technics & DenonTurntable Slipmats, Professional DJ’s, Record companies, or DJ equipment stores that require Promotional custom design Slipmats.

We make all of our Slipmats with the finest polyester felt fibers that feel as good as they look. Our Slipmats are also manufactured with the most innovative & technological specifications to meet the needs of all DJ’s world wide. We offer you our heirloom with the highest durable quality, at economical prices. We offer dye sub printing on all of our custom slipmats.

Remember, if you are looking at a quantity more than 9, visit: Here you will be able to find better pricing from our parent company.

Place Your Art Here At you can upload your custom artwork and have your very own Slip Mats created for you in a matter of days! Simply download our Photoshop template and place your artwork on the document. Save the file as a .PNG or .JPG, then upload the file to us via the Custom SlipMat product page.
Or you can simply pick one of our designs and type your name in the 'DJ Name' field and we will customize it to fit you. It really is that easy!

New Products For July

Custom SlipMat [user uploaded art]
Drop Beats / Not Bombs
Full Technicolor - Black
Power Symbol

Vinyl Addict
Drop Beats - DJ Bomb
Drop Beats - Turn Table
Drop Beats - Dog Tags

Drop Beats - RadioActive
Music Lover - Speekers
Swirls & Such - Ornate

Swirls & Such - Bright
Vinyl Addict - Old West
Vinyl Addict - Old Skool
Vinyl Addict - Skull

Music Lover - Color/Sound
Music Lover - Sheet Notes
Vinyl Addict - Turn Table
Full Technicolor - White